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Interesting couple of articles. Seems like I missed those when they were written even though I follow Rock Paper Shotgun closely for years now.

Yeah I can never keep up with RPS's posts, I always miss a lot of them.

Twine / Re: Twine hack: inventory
« on: July 15, 2017, 01:52:21 PM »
Is there a way to add more than one item to $carrying?

Is there a way to remove an item, but not all items, from $carrying?

Is there a way to see if one item out of several is in $carrying?

Maybe this? I haven't tested it.

Code: [Select]
<<set $carrying={'potions':0}>>
(all numbered items must be counted)

<<set $carrying['potions'] += 1>>
(This is code for "I picked up 1 potion.")
<<set $carrying['potions'] -= 1>>
(This is code for "I dropped 1 potion.")

<<if $carrying['potions']>>
You are carrying at least 1 potion.

(Update, applications due Wednesday, July 13th)

Adventure Cow is looking for a community management intern to promote our new interactive short story, Strayed!

We are looking for someone interested in being the voice of Adventure Cow, helping manage and develop Strayed's presence on social media, forums, and our blog. You'll be helping to craft our message and connect it to our audience.

Applicants should have good writing skills, an interest in story-based games, and also an interest in social media marketing and community management. Email hiring [at] to apply with your short (!) cover letter; include a resume. Applications due July 4th.

Announcements / Hiring: Box/Cover Artist (Paid, Short-term Project)
« on: June 20, 2016, 04:05:52 PM »
Adventure Cow is hiring an artist to produce box/cover art for our new interactive story! This is a short-term, one time contract.

Our goal is to produce a mysterious and compelling image for our new story, Strayed. We're looking for art that displays both the attraction and uncertainty of heading into a dark place.

Send an email to chris [at] with a link to your portfolio/past work. Submissions due June 26th.

Hello! These have been fixed now. (Unfortunately, I posted the forum thread reply at the same time that our webhost upgraded their server, so now everything I said the last time disappeared.)

DestinyQuest Infinite / Re: Bug Report - A Few Errors
« on: April 11, 2016, 05:46:59 PM »
Hello! These have been fixed now. (Unfortunately, I posted the forum thread reply at the same time that our webhost upgraded their server, so now everything I said the last time disappeared.)

DestinyQuest Infinite / Re: Bug Report - A Few Errors
« on: March 23, 2016, 06:46:51 PM »
I'm here! I've been investigating all of these and I noticed something interesting the "Brain Drain" bug:

Brain drain (mo): You may spend magic to increase your damage score. For each magic point you spend, you may increase your damage score by 1. You can spend up to a maximum of 5 magic points (increasing your damage score by 5). Your magic is restored at the end of the combat. You can only use this ability once per combat.

I think I misread this, because a buff that increased damage for one round only, at the cost of a combat-long reduction to magic, seemed weak to me. I suppose this would only make sense as a brawn user, because at least in that case you wouldn't lose damage forever to get damage once!

DestinyQuest Infinite / Re: Bug Report - A Few Errors
« on: February 24, 2016, 09:26:44 AM »
Thanks Alziel!

I really appreciate your patience with all of this. I'm looking forward to being able to fix these.  :D All this annoying business stuff in the way.  ::)

Unfortunately, I can't give an answer to that question at the moment. There are a few other things I have to get through at the moment, but hopefully some of them will be things you enjoy. :)

Really appreciate the patience! Unfortunately, the staff of programmers is mostly me, so things take a while.

DestinyQuest Infinite / Re: Bug Report - A Few Errors
« on: February 10, 2016, 04:44:58 PM »
Thanks for pointing these out Alziel!

I've got a lot to dig through but I will get to these as soon as I can. I've got the shovels!

(Accepting applications until 2/9/2016)

What's the future of games?

What would our world look like without the book?
What would happen if almost every story we told -- every Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, every Harry Potter, every Anna Karenina -- had to start with a six-figure budget?
That’s the world we live in now when it comes to games.

What would happen if one person could write a game, like a book?
If games had their Stephanie Meyer, their Neil Gaiman, their Leo Tolstoy?
That’s the world we’re going to create.

What you'd be up to:
You'll be helping us tell the world our story. Our goal is to take gaming in a new direction, but we need to grow the right audience! We're looking for an initial audience of a thousand readers on our mobile app, and eventually 100k.

You'd help us both choose the right audience and then also reach out to it.

Who we are:
We’re one writer, one programmer, and one game designer creating the future of games. Our goal is to enable anyone to express themselves through games, by making it as easy to write and share a game as it is to write and publish a story.

What we're looking for:
You're 50% analyst, and 50% community manager. You:
  • can take on tough questions. Whenever someone asks "I wonder what books people who play Dragon Age read," you don't just muse, you find answers.
  • are enthusiastic about story-driven games, in particular modern Bioware-style RPGs and story-driven Telltale-style adventure games.
  • are great at building community.
  • learn quickly.
  • have the time (probably <15h/week). This is a four month PT project. If we’re good at what we do, that may turn into a year.
Looking for a partner, not just a consultant.

What you get:
Compensation, dependent on experience. This is an essential part of the team, so equity is a big part of that.
The change to work on an experimental and wildly ambitious project, likely doomed to failure.  8)

How to apply:
Contact us directly via email (chris [at]
  • Include a resume.
  • Tell us about your previous entrepreneurial ventures -- especially the ones that didn't work out.
  • Let me know what big questions you have about us and our business.

(Accepting applications until 11/23/2016 unless otherwise noted)

Looking for Producer/Project Manager
Needed: A part-time (5-10 hours/week) person to keep our new interactive story project on task and on schedule.

The sort of person we’re looking for:
  • You’re used to being the adult in the room -- you can get good estimates out of a herd of cats, and make them meet deadlines.
  • You take the pressure off people -- if you’re on a project, people (your boss in particular) stop constantly worrying if it’s off schedule.
  • No excuses -- you don’t fudge deadlines. If you aim for a target, you hit it, or you get darn close.

Who we are:
We’re one writer, one programmer, and one game designer creating the future of games. Our goal is to enable anyone to express themselves through games, by making it as easy to write and share a game as it is to write and publish a story.

What you get out of it:
Pay, of course. ($18/hour minimum, going up depending on experience)
The opportunity to work with some _extremely_ talented creatives, on an experimental and wildly ambitious project likely doomed to failure.

How to apply:
Send us an email (chris [at] with your resume attached. Answer the following questions:
  • Talk about a time you helped an off-track project get back on track, whether at work or elsewhere.
  • Out of all the projects you've personally been responsible for managing, which one went the absolute worst? What happened and what did you learn from it?
Include anything else you think will help us make a mutually beneficial decision. Looking forward to hearing from you!

(Note: Previous positions closed 7/24/2016 and 2/2/2016. Keep an eye on the top of this post to make sure there's an opening.)

Thanks Alziel! Will be looking into it soon.

DestinyQuest Infinite / Re: Bug Report - A Few Errors
« on: January 20, 2016, 05:08:28 PM »
Thanks Alziel! I got these from your email as well. Some of them are tricky bugs and we're going to fix them all at once, but will get them done as son as possible.  :)

Announcements / (Closed) Hiring: Game Writer (Paid, PT, 4+ months)
« on: September 12, 2015, 09:56:29 PM »
(Accepting applications until 9/18/2015)

Are you the next Christine Love? Jon Ingold? Ron Gilbert? Can you show a reader a rollicking good time? Can you create a compelling story to help bring a game to life and suck in the reader?

Adventure Cow is working on a new experimental project. The appetite for BioWare-style games is HUGE. And a huge percentage of BioWare’s fans play for the story, the characters, and the romance. These fans paint their own tarot cards, draw their own comics, and write their own fanon. One game every two years is not enough.

They want more, and we’re going to give it to them.

Imagine the challenging choices and compelling characters of a Dragon Age or Mass Effect…in a book. Call it an RPB. We need a talented game writer to make it fun!

Time commitment:
20 hours/week, ASAP through January 2016 with opportunity for extension

Dependent on experience

What you'd be up to:
You will work with a small writing team to produce an interactive F/SF novella (12K words of reader experience, up to 60K words of total prose) over the course of four months, meeting milestone deadlines to ensure delivery. You will need to develop compelling, fast-moving plot to bring the characters to life and make the game exciting.

You should be able to use story to solve game design problems, and game design to solve story problems. You should be comfortable with sharing narrative responsibilities, making a case for your plot choices, and being open to compromise.

This is a new frontier. We’ll be drawing the map together.

What we're looking for:
  • 2+ years writing F/SF
  • Experience playing story-driven games (Bioware, Telltale, etc.) and/or interactive fiction
  • Comfort adopting new technology
  • Ability to communicate complex ideas
  • Experience reporting bugs
  • Advanced imagination
  • Advanced problem-solving skills
  • Sense of humor

Also highly welcome:
  • Experience designing story-heavy games
  • Publication credits (either games or fiction)
  • Publishing industry experience (either games or fiction)
  • Software development/scripting experience (e.g. Python, HTML5/JS/CSS, AJAX/JSON/MongoDB)

How to apply:
Contact us directly via email (chris [at] Please include:
  • Resume or CV with full name and contact info
  • Details of any previous projects, if applicable
  • Three samples of your work, in any combination of the below (from three different creative works, please):
      Links to your published fiction
      Links to your text-based games
      1000 word samples of your creative writing (pasted into body of email, no special formatting needed)

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