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General Discussion / Re: Introduce Yourself!
« on: March 12, 2012, 04:17:47 PM »
Where are you from?
Scranton, Pennsylvania (better known as the setting for the show "The Office")


What was the last game you played?
Super Adventure Island 2.  I made it to the final boss as a child and had to return it to the rental store before getting to finish it.  A few days ago, I finally did.

Name a really great game, and something really great about it
BIT.TRIP FLUX.  The state of flow that game induced in me is beyond that of most other experiences I've encountered, gaming or otherwise.  The music, visuals, and gameplay flow into each other so seamlessly, so elegantly, it blew me away.  The game is pretty difficult if you're not accustomed to the style of game, so I'd recommend achieving some mastery of it's prequel BIT.TRIP BEAT (which is an experience in its own right) if you're looking to fully experience the full-on flow nirvana that is FLUX.

Do anything else?
I make cows for Adventure Cow.  Other than that, I enjoy many forms of design, particularly graphics and game, as well as the occasional (usually simple) coding project.

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