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DestinyQuest Infinite / Bug Report - A Few Errors
« on: January 13, 2016, 07:30:15 AM »

Just wanted to report a few more errors that I've spotted:

  • The latter half of the entry with Avian Dale and Ravenwing at the end of Act 1 in Avian's Castle is missing (Entry 299 in the book).
  • The description is missing for the 'Spirit Tincture' reward (Entry 794 in the book) and its ability is not available in combat either.
  • The description of the effect of 'Brain Drain' is wrong on the 'Cortical Bulb' wand reward. I never used it in combat, so I do not know if its effect is actually correct in practice.



I have just found a bug with the Pickpocket career. When you switch an item with another, you get a dialogue box pop up asking if you would like to retain the ability of the old piece of gear but you only have the options 'OK' and 'Cancel'. Whichever one you choose, nothing actually happens (no switch of ability) and the dialogue box continues to pop up on each new page you turn to.

Furthermore, there were two occasions after I picked this career when I selected an item reward, equipped it (it showed up in inventory) and then when I reach my next fight, the item switches back to whatever it replaced and then you are stuck with the old item (Example: After the Count's Ball quest, I took back the Venomous Fang weapon that I had lost at the beginning of the quest. It was equipped in my inventory for the next few pages of the game. However, as soon as I entered my next fight, the weapon switched back to the Crucifix that I had used throughout the Count's Ball quest  >:(). I've played DQI multiple times before and this has never happened before, so I am sure that the bug is somehow related to the Pickpocket career.



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