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Update: If you visited this page earlier today, you may have noticed the 2.4 version updates had disappeared! We had the bad luck to update the site at the same time that our webhost shut it down and restored a backup.

Here is a list of fixes and updates for the latest versions of DestinyQuest Infinite. You can also look at the roadmap to see what's coming up.

DestinyQuest Infinite 2.4 (April 11, 2016)
Some new bug fixes, thanks to our sharp-eyed players. Thanks for your help!
  • 509: (Thanks Alziel!) Spider's leg doesn't work as a valid potion ingredient
  • 507: Description missing for 'Spirit Tincture' reward (Entry 794 in the book); ability not available in combat
  • 506: (Thanks Mike!) Pickpocket career popup shows up repeatedly after first page on which it appears
  • 504: (Thanks Mike!) Act II Arena gold reward missing
  • 503: (Thanks Mike!) Seared Scar quest not properly tracking potion-give
  • 502: (Thanks Mike!) Avian Dale conversation text missing
  • 508: (Thanks Alziel!) Brain Drain ability implemented improperly
  • 513: (Thanks Alziel!) Shield Wall effect should only last for one round
  • 512: (Thanks Alziel!) Arthurian's Horn can be used more than once, crashes game if enemy health goes negative
  • 511: (Thanks Alziel!) Inquisitor _____ will offer to _____ you the __________ ______ after the Act 3 Blue Quest, even if he died

DestinyQuest Infinite 2.3 (October 29, 2015)
Some additional bug fixes, based on player feedback.

Bug fixes:
  • 491: Crown of Command jewel bonuses not reported when taking it
  • 486: Page 471 (after page 412 + Dwarven Compendium then Continue) is blank
  • 483: (Thanks Devi!) Shadow Fury and Vampirism don't show continue after use

DestinyQuest Infinite 2.2 (September 7, 2015)
This is the first official release of DQI with Act 3 support.

Bug fixes:
  • 481: (Thanks Fergus!) Sound in Chrome >44.0.2403.89 is only on right channel
  • 479: The link on the achievement "Rune Master" (p41) leads to a blank page
  • 480: (Thanks Peter!) Can't continue if you don't give Hal a potion
  • 350: Typo in combat log - "Scorpios do X damage"
  • 473: If armor is reduced to 0 from locust attacks on page 764, reduced armor does not carry over
  • 471: Lorcan fight doesn't list "Enchanted stone" among enemy abilities
  • 475: Wreekin net ability now showing up in list on page 366
  • 474: Arthurian's horn item has no use description and doesn't work
  • 472: Error when using Riposte

DestinyQuest Infinite 2.1 (August 24, 2015)
After we released DestinyQuest Infinite 2.0 internally, we spent some time testing it and fixed some of the bugs, so you'll never see them.

Bug fixes:
  • 213: Down the Well quest is called "The Well" in the table of contents
  • 448: Surge ability has omitted word in combat usage text
  • 461: Alternate path on page 895 requires Magic 24, but this isn't mentioned if requirement is met
  • 454: Scarron fight shows achievement if you beat the top Scarron first
  • 449: Alchemist ability Good Taste works on items that are not backpack items (Bracelet of power/Focus)
  • 462: Combatants and win requirements on fight on page 921 not spelled out
  • 439: Dark claw's verb conjugation is off if player's name is 'You'
  • 465: Sentries fight (page 921): Ruse ability affects Sentries, not target
  • 469: Status inflicted on the Spore Cloud monster in fight on page 924 doesn't go away when new cloud is generated
  • 450: Enchanted Stone (939) not working against burn/embers
  • 447: Ghoulish Gloop (2 uses) and Oil flask (2 uses) are not functional
  • 453: Eureka ability not enabling select of attribute to increase
  • 460: Fight on 924 has a special win goal that's not checked
  • 463: Fight on page 921 not winnable
  • 466: Shadow ranger career token is missing abilities
  • 467: Some same-named abilities are not supposed to be independently usable
  • 445: Alchemist's ability "Midas touch" broken
  • 446: Broken images on page 802, 866
  • 451: Icelock career token doesn't collect
  • 464: Steal ability doesn't ask player which attribute to steal, doesn't work
  • 452: (Thanks John!) Ice-buried chest (after Chilblain) cannot be opened

DestinyQuest Infinite 2.0 (July 23, 2015) (MAJOR RELEASE)
In preparing for Act 3, we made some major updates to the DQI engine. Read more here.

New features:
  • 214: (Thanks Devi and Diego!) UX: Add the option to play through Act 1 again after you beat it
  • 162: Muting intro music does not mute game music
  • 007: UX: Show help text for speed icon during speed rolls
  • 391: Item cards have icons that don't do anything but close the window, should show tooltips on hover
  • 392: The SpecialAbilities list in combat should show a tooltip, similar to Speed, Brawn/Magic, etc.
  • 235: UX: Unique events on repeatedly viewed pages should only show up once

Bug fixes:
  • 271: (Thanks Morgan!) Contents of sidebar sometimes overflow on high resolution screens
  • 276: Crown of Kings item is not removed from backpack once its quest is completed
  • 244: (Thanks Tron!) Immunity text gets displayed twice for all enemies with immunities
  • 287: Crown of Kings story displays inconsistencies if quest is unfinished or completed in certain ways
  • 437: Can't pick up items on page 500 (and any page where a set macro makes the page go away after the first visit)
  • 341: Game home screen not loading in Safari on private browsing mode
  • 433: (Thanks Yves-Arnaud!) Fire grass not being added to inventory; hit invisible quest items maximum
  • 110: Shadowstalker reroll appears at the wrong time (before first roll)
  • 215: (Thanks Devi!) Save game date and time is not in the right time zone for most people
  • 435: 30 coins are gained on page 401 for no reason
  • 382: Combat shows enemies have 1 more ability than they actually do, if the battle has a custom script
  • 312: When Laird is fighting ghouls, his special healing [xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
  • 217: (Thanks Devi!) Hitting back button more than twice from any page results in error message
  • 220: Dice rolling game in pub continues even without rolling the dice
  • 427: Every 10 reloads or so, an error occurs on Firefox
  • 275: Gladitorial Games option doesn't disappear from town in Act II once cleared
  • 430: Page 428 will not load
  • 269: (Thanks John!) Is it possible to combine Bolt, Overload, and Indigestion in fight with Angler?
  • 432: Continue arrows are broken
  • 250: (Thanks Tron!) Feint ability only allows one die to be rerolled
  • 374: Silk cut is not recognized as a sword by Swordmaster
  • 182: DQI Preview: Map icons aren't grayed out in IE
  • 325: When an enemy is affected by multiple status effects, the second indicator appears behind the abilities icon
  • 185: (Thanks Sean!) When site is restarting because of updates, there's no appropriate error message explaining what just happened.
  • 383: Game play screen not loading in Safari on private browsing mode
  • 316: Set piece fight on page 700 doesn't expose mechanics adequately
  • 319: Styraxian Steed has two placeholder abilities.
  • 305: Items "Home Brew" and "Stink Bomb" have missing abilities
  • 318: Spore Bombs (1 use) has a placeholder ability
  • 281: Trading herbs with Tanner doesn't let you have more than one of each type

DestinyQuest Infinite 1.3 (July 4, 2015)

  • 257: Rogue pickpocket "take 20 gold crowns" option not working
  • 278: Pickpocket skill activates on trading herbs in Tanner's shop
  • 393: Combat: “Chris is rolling for speed” should read “Chris, roll for speed.”
  • 371: Count/Countess fight broken
  • 370: Fight with The Giant doesn't let you select Fire Sprites as targets
  • 384: Combat with multiple enemies won't let you attack anyone but main enemy
  • 321: addBonus only correctly applies bonus for main enemy; also, the visual shows +0 and empty box
  • 299: Immunities don't work with abilities that cause damage at combat start

DestinyQuest Infinite 1.2 (May 1, 2015)

  • 346: Safari demo doesn't play background music
  • 295: Lansbury and Mathis fights shouldn't automatically give you ability
  • 146: Dark Arthurian necromancers should not say 'Necromancer m'
  • 285: Combat doesn't work (Roll button disabled) with a Mage/Medic
  • 291: The option to trigger Iron Will appears at the wrong time
  • 301: Broken image & italics on page 634
  • 357: Shield spin does twice as many dice worth of damage as it should
  • 344: Music not playing in beta demo
  • 345: (1) Music in title screen doesn't come back if turned off and back on, (2) Music isn't playing during game except during combat.
  • 356: If Cavalier retaliates and kills an enemy before you can roll for damage, the player can no longer do anything (game is stuck)
  • 355: In fights with multiple enemies that all attack you, when one is defeated, it still rolls for damage
  • 303: Using Shield Wall ability wrecks battle program
  • 311: Field Medic ability not working in Gull portion of fight
  • 218: Music stops playing after combat
  • 148: Lansbury's shield should not be selectable in combat
  • 147: Scarron fight broken (Avian's shield on the wrong side, and other related issues)
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