Author Topic: Hiring: Business Development Director (Paid, PT, 4+ months)  (Read 3139 times)


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Hiring: Business Development Director (Paid, PT, 4+ months)
« on: January 20, 2016, 05:45:16 PM »
(Accepting applications until 2/9/2016)

What's the future of games?

What would our world look like without the book?
What would happen if almost every story we told -- every Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, every Harry Potter, every Anna Karenina -- had to start with a six-figure budget?
That’s the world we live in now when it comes to games.

What would happen if one person could write a game, like a book?
If games had their Stephanie Meyer, their Neil Gaiman, their Leo Tolstoy?
That’s the world we’re going to create.

What you'd be up to:
You'll be helping us tell the world our story. Our goal is to take gaming in a new direction, but we need to grow the right audience! We're looking for an initial audience of a thousand readers on our mobile app, and eventually 100k.

You'd help us both choose the right audience and then also reach out to it.

Who we are:
We’re one writer, one programmer, and one game designer creating the future of games. Our goal is to enable anyone to express themselves through games, by making it as easy to write and share a game as it is to write and publish a story.

What we're looking for:
You're 50% analyst, and 50% community manager. You:
  • can take on tough questions. Whenever someone asks "I wonder what books people who play Dragon Age read," you don't just muse, you find answers.
  • are enthusiastic about story-driven games, in particular modern Bioware-style RPGs and story-driven Telltale-style adventure games.
  • are great at building community.
  • learn quickly.
  • have the time (probably <15h/week). This is a four month PT project. If we’re good at what we do, that may turn into a year.
Looking for a partner, not just a consultant.

What you get:
Compensation, dependent on experience. This is an essential part of the team, so equity is a big part of that.
The change to work on an experimental and wildly ambitious project, likely doomed to failure.  8)

How to apply:
Contact us directly via email (chris [at]
  • Include a resume.
  • Tell us about your previous entrepreneurial ventures -- especially the ones that didn't work out.
  • Let me know what big questions you have about us and our business.
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