Author Topic: [2012-4-13] Adventure Cow updates  (Read 2800 times)


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[2012-4-13] Adventure Cow updates
« on: April 14, 2012, 11:44:27 AM »

It's a special Friday the 13th update! We have a lot of new features:

  • Search by title:
    Trying to find a page in a long story? You can now search for pages by title!
  • Tagging pages:
    You can now keep separate pages in the Notes folder - just drag them there!
  • Deleting pages:
    Want to delete a page? Just click on the delete button or drag it to the Deleted folder!
  • Bug: Adding a choice that goes to a new page should jump to that page
  • Bug: Adding a new page button should jump to the page created
  • Fixed some bugs that caused the page tree to disappear after a lot of use
  • Error when expanding pages a lot has been fixed
  • Bug: Long page titles causing errors
  • Bug: Links to edit a specific page should jump straight to that page
  • Fixed error in viewing stories with text_input macro - thanks Eddie!

Thanks to Chris for helping find some of the errors and ideas for new features.

We're still in beta, so there will be more new features, and of course, new bugs! If you have a bug report, just reply and I'll look at it.
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