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importing a twine (harlowe code) story into AdventureCow?


I have a already written twine story that (mostly) functions. I like to upload it and test how that works and stuff. but i can't figure out how to put it online. it says it has to be a .tw or .txt file... twine only exports in .html files. even the files that are used in the program itself are .html

it looks like you can download a story format for Adventure Cow, but i am NOT rewriting all my code just to put it online.

am i missing something???

well... good to see this forum isn't perused very often...

Hey jexadox! Yeah, I'm sure I've checked this forum since September. I'm not sure why I never saw this.  :o

Are you using Twine 1.4.2? Then go to File -> Export -> Twee Source Code...

Are you using Twine 2? Add the Entweedle format and switch your story to that format, then Play the story. (You may have to change http to https to get it to work.)


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