Author Topic: [2013-1-31] Adventure Cow new macros  (Read 2461 times)


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[2013-1-31] Adventure Cow new macros
« on: January 31, 2013, 12:10:04 AM »
  • Just added support for <<embed>>, <<silently>> and <<endsilently>>
    Aside from a few weird ones like <<actions>>, AC now has full Twine macro support.
  • Support for lowercase macros (endIf and endif)
  • Against my better judgement, support for eq and ne
  • Support for pages starting with an underscore
  • Fixed broken default AC viewer (cow button was too large)
  • Some fixes to bugs on logging in

Note: <<embed>> is equivalent to <<display>> or <<displayPassage>> (you should be able to use any of those).

Send bug fixes to us!
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