Author Topic: Hiring: Game Marketing/PR consultant (Paid, PT, 4+ months)  (Read 2839 times)


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Hiring: Game Marketing/PR consultant (Paid, PT, 4+ months)
« on: September 10, 2015, 01:03:33 PM »
(Updated: Accepting applications until 9/23/2015)

Adventure Cow is working on a new experimental project. The appetite for BioWare-style games is HUGE. And a huge percentage of BioWare’s fans play for the story, the characters, and the romance. These fans paint their own tarot cards, draw their own comics, and write their own fanon. One game every two years is not enough.

They want more, and we’re going to give it to them.

Imagine if a game like Dragon Age or Mass Effect were made into an interactive novel. Adventure Cow is working on a project to do just that, but we need help getting the word out!

Dependent on experience

What you'd be up to:
You'll be helping us tell the world about our story. We're a team of game designers, programmers, and creatives working on something very new, but we need to reach the right audience! We're looking for an initial audience of a thousand readers, and our aim is to get 100k to eventually read our interactive novel.

What we're looking for:
The ideal person will be:
  • Enthusiastic about story-driven games, in particular modern Bioware-style RPGs and story-driven Telltale-style adventure games.
  • Have a gift for telling stories. If you can listen to me blabber for five minutes and then give our elevator pitch better than I can, that’s perfect.
  • Well-connected in the right places. Our audience likes sci-fi/fantasy books and also games with lots of story and personality, and we're a bridge between the book and game worlds. If you know people who have our audience's ears, that's awesome.
  • Available. This is probably a four month PT project, and if you’re good at what you do, that four months will probably turn into a year.

How to apply:
Contact us directly via email (chris [at] Please include a resume and some examples of previous work (projects promoted).
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