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(Closed) Hiring: Game Writer (Paid, PT, 4+ months)
« on: September 12, 2015, 09:56:29 PM »
(Accepting applications until 9/18/2015)

Are you the next Christine Love? Jon Ingold? Ron Gilbert? Can you show a reader a rollicking good time? Can you create a compelling story to help bring a game to life and suck in the reader?

Adventure Cow is working on a new experimental project. The appetite for BioWare-style games is HUGE. And a huge percentage of BioWare’s fans play for the story, the characters, and the romance. These fans paint their own tarot cards, draw their own comics, and write their own fanon. One game every two years is not enough.

They want more, and we’re going to give it to them.

Imagine the challenging choices and compelling characters of a Dragon Age or Mass Effect…in a book. Call it an RPB. We need a talented game writer to make it fun!

Time commitment:
20 hours/week, ASAP through January 2016 with opportunity for extension

Dependent on experience

What you'd be up to:
You will work with a small writing team to produce an interactive F/SF novella (12K words of reader experience, up to 60K words of total prose) over the course of four months, meeting milestone deadlines to ensure delivery. You will need to develop compelling, fast-moving plot to bring the characters to life and make the game exciting.

You should be able to use story to solve game design problems, and game design to solve story problems. You should be comfortable with sharing narrative responsibilities, making a case for your plot choices, and being open to compromise.

This is a new frontier. We’ll be drawing the map together.

What we're looking for:
  • 2+ years writing F/SF
  • Experience playing story-driven games (Bioware, Telltale, etc.) and/or interactive fiction
  • Comfort adopting new technology
  • Ability to communicate complex ideas
  • Experience reporting bugs
  • Advanced imagination
  • Advanced problem-solving skills
  • Sense of humor

Also highly welcome:
  • Experience designing story-heavy games
  • Publication credits (either games or fiction)
  • Publishing industry experience (either games or fiction)
  • Software development/scripting experience (e.g. Python, HTML5/JS/CSS, AJAX/JSON/MongoDB)

How to apply:
Contact us directly via email (chris [at] Please include:
  • Resume or CV with full name and contact info
  • Details of any previous projects, if applicable
  • Three samples of your work, in any combination of the below (from three different creative works, please):
      Links to your published fiction
      Links to your text-based games
      1000 word samples of your creative writing (pasted into body of email, no special formatting needed)
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