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Adventures in the Game Industry
« on: September 19, 2013, 07:19:24 PM »
I was wondering how many of you out there have worked for a big gaming company (or even a small one) and what your experiences were...

The company I worked for was, and still is, one of the largest in the world... Among other things, they are well known for their ridiculously popular sport games, particularly a game named after a certain coach and color-commentator. I was a QA tester and had only been there for a few weeks, and since I wasn't a part of any cliques and/or suck up to any Team-leads or managers, no one could remember my name... but that wasn't uncommon in the case of new QA testers because we were hired in large batches and considered disposable.

I was going to tell the entirety of my story, which was woefully short, but I'm kinda tired of retelling it in full. So I'll just skip to the almost comical way it ended.

1) Manager whom I have never met or seen before calls me into a meeting: "Hey, you... We need to have a talk."

2) I am lectured on how my attendance and performance are not up to par, which I found odd considering that I was always on time and hard at work when everyone else was talking about sports.

3) Then I am addressed by a name that is not even remotely mine and handed a non-disclosure agreement (company secrets and such) to sign that had that same erroneous name on it.

4) After informing the manager and team leads present that the name is not mine and belongs to the gentleman that sits beside me, I am left alone for at least a half-hour to wait. Seeing as this all appears to be a bureaucratic mistake, I feel secure in the knowledge that I have dodged a bullet meant for someone else.

5) Eventually, a single team-lead wordlessly comes in with a non-disclosure agreement with my correct name on it... I am forced to sign it by security before I am escorted out of the building. In the parking lot, I see my former neighbor with a box containing his things.

6) On the drive home, my state of shock and confusion fades and I piece together what had just transpired. They had fired me just so they wouldn't have to admit they'd made a mistake. I then pull over and proceed to scream obscenities and the most vile of curses into my closed-face motorcycle helmet.

Does anyone else have any stories, good or bad?
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